A funeral should be as unique and special as the person it represents. By bringing into the visitation and funeral service items that reflect your loved one's tastes, personality, beliefs, and simply who they were, the visitation takes on their personality. At a time in which it is often hard to find words, these touches can provide insight, for those who attend the services, about your loved one.

There are many meaningful ways to remember someone we love. The caring staff of Owens & Brumley Funeral Home can assist you with many aspects of personalizing your services.

Personalized Memorial Folders
Personalized folders allow the attendees to have a memento of the service that is a personal reflection and history of your loved one’s life. 

Video Tributes
Video Tributes are a great way to share the entire life your loved one.  Video tributes can serve as a celebration of relationships, trips, holiday memories or simply stated it is a loving journey back down the life of the person you have come to honor.  They can be used during the services and during scheduled visitations.  Owens and Brumley can coordinate this aspect of the service on the family’s behalf by simply providing the photos to your funeral director. 

Photo Displays
If you prefer to use photos without a video, we will be happy to assist you in displaying any photos of your loved one.  Owens and Brumley can supply the display boards or work directly with the family for a customized display.

Keep in mind that a funeral or memorial service can take place almost anywhere at any time. From a traditional setting to a favorite indoor or outdoor location, you can choose the option that best reflects your family’s beliefs and the life or interests of your loved one. If the person did not have a church home, consider having the funeral in a favorite place that perhaps reflected their lifestyle like a favorite park, the marina if he or she was a boater, or a basketball court. The possibilities are numerous.

In processing to the cemetery, consider a favorite place your loved one liked to go, like the beach, or a favorite restaurant or maybe they were happiest at home. We will arrange to have the procession pass by this favorite place.

Your Owens & Brumley Funeral Director can also assist you in finding the perfect type of music for your service or visitation.  Traditionally services included only the use of a piano and organist.  You might consider a bag piper, harpist, guitarist, soloist or use non-traditional music. We can help customize the music to be the perfect tribute to your loved one.

Including special items of remembrance in a service allows you to celebrate the things that made that person unique. You are encouraged to include anything that brings their personality into the visitation room. Your loved one may have had a favorite rocking chair that could be brought to the funeral home, a scent that they were known to wear, loved music, a hobby, an organization, church, group of friends, vacation spot, a movie they loved, or anything else that helps to reflect the many special traits they were known for.

Another way to use memorabilia is to place cherished items in the casket like pictures of the grandchildren and other family members, a photo of the family pet, a favorite golf club, a pool stick, a well worn baseball cap, or a religious item. Your funeral director welcomes all of them as your way of saying good bye.

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