Funeral decisions are best made when you can carefully consider all the options. The important thing is to save your family from having to make overwhelming decisions at the time of your death or a loved one.

Our professional counselors are specially trained
to help you plan a meaningful and affordable service. We can help guide you through the entire arrangement process by simply calling Owens & Brumley Funeral Home at 940-322-3181 and arranging an appointment in your home or in one of our comfortable conference rooms. 

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The State of Texas has developed a website to help you make informed decisions concerning the purchase of prepaid funeral benefits at

Here are some of the common questions regarding Pre-planning:

Can you make pre-arrangements without pre-payment?
There is generally no charge for making prearrangements, and many families simply prefer to record this vital information for future use.

Can you prearrange a cremation?
Making your decisions in advance will help assure your wishes will be carried out following death. It is not necessary, but if you prefer cremation, you can make those wishes know through a pre-arrangement plan.

How much does the Social Security pay for funeral expenses?
Upon death, dependents and survivors may be eligible for certain benefits such as Death Payments, Survivor's Benefits and Medicare. Qualifications depend on age, marital status, number of dependents involved and if employment was under Social Security. Your Social Security account should be verified periodically to be sure contributions are properly posted. All benefits must be applied for; payment is not automatic. Since qualifications vary, we recommend discussing your particular situation with the professionals at Owens & Brumley.

How much does the Veterans Administration (VA) pay for funeral expenses?
There are many misconceptions regarding Veterans' death benefits. Honorably discharged veterans may qualify for cemetery plot and burial allowances, headstone, and burial flag, as well as a pension for survivors. These benefits may affect decisions about funeral arrangements. The qualifications and benefits can vary and we will assist you in a review of your personal situation.

Can the funeral director prearrange the cemetery?
Yes, funeral directors typically have working relationships with most of their local cemeteries and can take care of all the arrangements for you.

What funeral decisions can be made in advance?
All arrangements for services including financial decisions can be planned in advance.

What happens to the money if the funeral home goes out of business?
You can be assured your funds are protected by state and federal regulations regardless of the operation at the funeral home. Owens & Brumley Funeral Home is committed to continuing to serve the many families who have placed their trust in them.

What if I make pre-arrangements in one state and die in another?
If you are traveling or visiting another city when death occurs, your survivors should contact Owens & Brumley Funeral Home immediately. Our staff will make the necessary arrangements to assist with all aspects of transferring information and /or the deceased.

Why should I pre-arrange my funeral? Are there any benefits?
Now more than ever, it is important to plan ahead. Family members often live in different states and dealing with government agencies can be frustrating.  Additionally, the impact of inflation is felt by every household. Family members making funeral arrangements immediately following a death are dealing with some many decisions at such an emotional time. Many times, they do not even have the information needed to claim the benefits of their loved one. Each year millions of dollars in government and insurance benefits are not claimed based on lack of information. Planning ahead can help prevent emotional overspending and protect your family.

The best possible way to personalize a funeral is to make your wishes known far in advance…at a time when you can more easily reflect on what kind of service you would like your family to experience. This opportunity to preplan your funeral, to have your desires exactly carried out, is an important, necessary personal step for you, and a precious gift you may leave to your loved ones.

When you discuss your preferences with one of our counselors, we’ll have all the information we need to provide exactly the service you specify. Most importantly, you will spare your family the burden of having to “guess” your wishes, and make important decisions at a difficult time. And if you wish to prepay for the service, you will spare them the burden of unexpected expense.

Call us soon about this important matter, or for your convenience, feel free to use our online form here.