Owens & Brumley Funeral Homes have spacious facilities that provide a warm and inviting setting for a loving tribute to a cherished relative or friend.  Since no two people are alike, we believe that no two funerals should be alike either.  We are committed to service that honors your loved one's life just the way you want, and creates a time for personal expressions of remembrance. Ask us how you can create a funeral service that is as unique as the individual.

Traditional Funeral Services

At the Owens & Brumley Funeral Homes, we believe that funeral services should be personal and unique, reflecting the life of the person who has passed rather than simply acknowledging their death. A meaningful funeral service can help bring closure to the event and comfort a grieving family.

Most funerals take place two or three days after a death. Many families prefer an evening and or morning visitation with or without an open casket followed by a church service. Some families may also choose to have the funeral service at the funeral home followed by the internment. Graveside services are commonly held at the cemetery of the family's choice prior to the interment.

We at Owens & Brumley Funeral Homes, are sensitive to your needs. You can depend on us to help you make the proper decisions and arrange details that will satisfy your family's traditions and beliefs.

Cremation Services

When an individual chooses cremation, the most important consideration is to be comfortable with the choice they have made.

Cremation is a form of disposition; the deceased may be either cremated or buried. Your family has several options regarding cremation. Many families choose to have a Traditional Funeral using cremation as the form of disposition. This allows for visitation in a church or funeral home followed by the cremation. Family and friends are given the opportunity to see their loved one for the last time and for all to say good-bye.

Others may choose a memorial service with or without the cremains present at the church or funeral home. This choice enables you to hold services at a later date when it may be more convenient for family members to attend. Another option is direct cremation, a choice that does not include viewing or memorial services.

Final disposition of the cremains include burial in a cemetery or entombment in a mausoleum. Some families choose to place the cremains in a decorative urn and keep them in the warmth and privacy of their own home. Others prefer to scatter the cremains on land, in air, or at sea. It is permissible in all states to scatter cremated remains, but there are legal requirements and regulations to follow. No state law allows the cremains to be scattered on private property without the consent of the property owner. Please inquire with your religious affiliation as to their doctrine regarding scattering of cremains.

Owens & Brumley Funeral Homes will assist you with these options and help create for you a meaningful celebration of a life lived.

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